“Time and money spent on a skills clinic gets you higher performance and more fun, than any equipment upgrade.”

Brian Lopes, 4 x MTB World Champ.

Book a one-on-one skills session or organise a group of mates to share the cost.

Our 3 hours skills clinic format ensures that you can rapidly improve your mtb skills by making use of our 2 modules suitable for intermediate/advanced riders.

If you’re sick of falling off your bike, are lacking in confidence or just simply want to be faster than your mates, then sign up for one of our skills clinics below!

Daniel Dobinson is your patient skills clinic coach. His 28 years experience of mountain biking and racing XCO and enduro events will ensure you learn good mtb techniques that translate to faster and safer riding.

His passion for getting more riders to enjoy technical singletrack riding means that he is patient and understands how scary the technical aspects of mountain biking can be!

Always on the lookout to improve his own riding technique, Daniel shares the tricks and tips in the skills clinic that will help you to become a more confident and ultimately, a better rider.