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    • EzelEnduro - A Mates Race

      EzelEnduro is a rad weekend of super technical and tough trail riding, long hike-a-bike sections, camping and partying with like minded riders. The aim of the event is to host an enduro that competes with the toughness and technicality of an international enduro (Think EWS, SuperEnduro's etc) so that youngsters and racers can be more prepared for international competitions and the oldies can try and keep up and stay young!
      In it's fourth year of running, we are hoping to make it tougher so once again, we don't expect everyone to finish all the stages! They start out manageable and become tougher, longer and scarier throughout the day. To give you an idea of how tough it is we can say that in 2015,  41% of the field chose not to do the final stage 5 and in 2016, 30% chose not to do it and in 2017, 26% didn't complete all 5 stages - It's all about the challenge! That said, the racing at the front of the field is competitive and the male and female winners share a custom made floating trophy set into a rock from the Eselfontein mountains made by Dave of Mercer bikes.

      The Basics

      • When: 22nd September (Race day) but do try come out for the entire long weekend (21st-24th Sept -it's a public holiday)
      • Where: Eselfontein Farm, Ceres (Directions here and look out for signs to EzelEnduro Camp)
      • Price: R1200 (including 3/4 sleeve shirt, Saturday dinner and beers to party the night away)
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      • Enter:
        1. Fill out this form (and send onto friends)
        2.  Pay your entry fee here (you can add a camping supplement for those travelers without tents and mattresses)

      Be Prepared

      • We're wanting people to have a full weekend of riding, camping and partying so we urge you to all book out the weekend now and invite your families along to camp and ride (Any family member/friend not wanting to do the enduro will be able to camp and spectate for free. There'll be SUPS to use on the dam thanks to ION and if you bring rods there are fish to catch! The entry fee will include your camp site costs, medical backup, race timing, ablutions and the Saturday night dinner with a bunch of CBC beer at the party/fines evening.
      • The terrain is natural, rocky and raw and the riding is going to be tough as hell! Stage 4 and 5 were created by Deon (The farmowner) for Enduro motor bikers that want to train for the Roof of Africa- one of the absolute toughest offroad endurance events in the world, so that should give you an indication of what you're in for (especially as he didn't ever think these trails would be rideable on bicycles!).
      • The distances will be much longer and elevation gain (and drop) far higher than most other enduros in SA. The liason’s will include a lot of hike-a-bike (one liason is at least 1 hour of steep hiking  so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't sign up! You can expect to be out for around 8 hours start to finish so come prepared for a big day out.
      • So bring shoes good for both hiking and cycling, a big travel bike, dropper posts and big tyres. As mountain bikers we expect you to carry everything you would need in case of mechanicals, nutrition and typical injuries. The areas we are heading into are remote and not be conducive to water tables or support of any kind. There were one or two hardtails at last years event if you reckon you're skilled enough and a masochist to boot!
      • The essence of the weekend is having a good time with mates and testing yourselves on some gnarly trails-no jumps or berms, just ridiculously long natural rock gardens, steep terrain and mind-blowing scenery. The timing is offered to make things competitive but we must warn you that these trails are not the type you can ride blind at 100%. Safety must be foremost in your mind as an emergency in these environments could be life threatening.
      • As with last year all the proceeds (minus timing and course layout costs) will go towards the Eselfontein Farm worker community projects which pays for education, school clothes and groceries of the farm labourers kids. EzelEnduro has raised over R40 000 thus far for kids that really need it.
      • It is going to be a really good weekend and we hope you can join us for some shredding! You are welcome to invite any friends who you think are capable and would enjoy this type of weekend.
      • Once again, we are wanting to ensure the safety of all, so make sure you are as fit as hell and your bike and skills are up to scratch.

      What to bring

      It's a camping weekend

      • Tent - Camping will take place at the EcoHuts venue-the whole race village will be based there and it's gonna be awesome!  If any upcountry entrants want to rent a tent and camping mattress then add that to your entry fee
      • Ablutions and hot showers are basic but available (and we'll make sure they work!) September is early Spring so it may be freezing, it may be raining or it may be blisteringly hot! Bring gear for all conditions!
      • The guesthouse and eco-huts are already booked up  so please don't bother Janene/Deon with accommodation enquiries ;)
      • Food-  Bring your own except for Saturday night potjie meal, which is on us.
      • Bike - Slack bike with big tyres and preferably a dropper post. Protection is highly recommended! Detachable full face helmets and knee pads are commonly used.
      • E-bikes are welcome though you'll be riding in your own category out of respect of those riding under their own power. Please let us know if you are riding an Ebike!
      • Spares -all spares that you might need in case of a mechanical. Tyre plugs, chain links, chain breaker, spare dropout, spare tyre sealant are used often during this race!
      • Shoes - cycling shoes and possibly a good set of hiking shoes-some liaison's are beastly!
      • Booze - Bring your own though Cheapshots harry will be dissing out fines in the form of terrible liquor choice. Riders will get a celebratory CBC beer or two after they finish.
      • Family -it's a great place for exploring with young kids. You can go on your own trail ride around the dams or do some stand up paddle boarding/fishing.

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