Cape Town cycling map for cyclists

Cape Town cycling map

Cape Town cycling map

We compiled this fun Cape Town cycling map on one of our ‘days off’ in winter. It shows our favourite routes we use to cycle in Cape Town as well as our personal views and thoughts of Cape Town.

The Cape Town cycling map also also shows roads that we have to use (even if they aren’t good) and the ones that are illegal or rubbish to cycle on.

We’d love to add more to this map- please let us know your suggestions and thoughts!

If you’re wanting a more detailed Cape Town cycling map or the Winelands, best you visit Cape Town bicycle map or buy one from a local cycling store. These maps show, in detail, the cycling lanes, bike shops in Cape Town and recommended routes over large areas of Cape Town and the winelands.

You can download our MTB Cape Town cycling maps over here or book a guided cycling tour with us if you don’t want to get lost and want to enjoy the best cycling routes that locals use.