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Cyclists riding a gravel road on iRide Africa's iRide Africa Gravel Bike Tour


Embark on a thrilling 6-Day Gravel Bike Tour with iRide Africa, immersing yourself in the heart of the Klein Karoo’s rugged beauty. Our carefully curated journey invites you to traverse predominantly gravel roads, unveiling approximately 50km to 70km of captivating landscapes each day. As you pedal through this enchanting region, embrace the challenge and allure that define the Klein Karoo’s distinctive character.

Unleash your adventurous spirit as we navigate the Klein Karoo’s diverse and challenging terrains. Each day brings a new set of gravel roads, offering a thrilling mix of ascents, descents, and scenic vistas.

Rest in comfort and style at carefully selected accommodations that complement the essence of the Klein Karoo. Our lodging choices provide a perfect blend of relaxation and authenticity, allowing you to unwind after a day of exhilarating exploration.

Ride with confidence knowing our experienced guides are by your side, providing insights into the region’s history, culture, and natural wonders. Benefit from their expertise as you tackle the challenges and discover the hidden gems of the Klein Karoo.

Whether you’re a gravel biking enthusiast or a traveller seeking a unique adventure, our 6-Day Gravel Bike Tour promises a perfect blend of challenge and enchantment. Embrace the spirit of exploration and create lasting memories in the heart of the Klein Karoo.

Join iRide Africa on this extraordinary cycling experience, where every turn of the pedal unlocks the secrets of the Klein Karoo in a way that only a gravel bike tour can.

Photo collage of iRide Africa's Gravel Bike Tour. Cyclists riding gravel roads, and mountain scenery.


Tour Info

Unleash your inner explorer on iRide Africa’s 6-Day Gravel Bike Tour! Conquer Klein Karoo’s rugged charm via meticulously chosen gravel roads, tackling 50-70km daily amidst captivating landscapes. Embrace the challenge, savour the allure, and experience the Klein Karoo like never before!

Tour Highlights:

  • Cycling iconic gravel trails in The Western Cape
  • Exciting culinary adventures
  • Wine Tasting at a premium wine estate
  • Overnight stay in the beautiful Assegaay Bosch Nature Reserve
  • Visit historic towns


Photo collage of iRide Africa's Gravel Bike Tour. Cyclists riding gravel roads, and vineyard scenery.