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  • Jonkershoek MTB Map

    Jonkershoek MTB Map

    Click on the Jonkershoek MTB Map to view largest size/print.

    Photo article on what you can expect if you visit Jonkershoek MTB trails.

    Here is what Jonkershoek trails looks like now, after the big 2015 fire and the rebuild.

    This forest is situated between two massive mountains in a steep valley, which allows us to
    ‘coast’ between the 2 different face of the valley like a skateboarder on a giant half pipe. The
    singletrack is purpose-made for mountain bikes and it has all the elements of riding that will make
    you weep with joy.
    Use the Jonkershoek MTB Map as a guide to the trail network. New trails are being fixed all the time after the big fire of 2015.


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